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The Bratton Firm Subrogation Services is the only vendor endorsed by the Texas Hospital Association to pursue hospital liens and healthcare subrogation claims.

In today’s highly adversarial health care climate, relying on the support of a reliable and experienced legal team is invaluable. In particular, navigating hospital lien recovery can be a tricky and time-consuming process. For trustworthy counsel to help your team maximize recoveries, THA highly recommends The Bratton Firm Subrogation Services.

The Bratton Firm specializes in hospital lien recovery efforts for trauma facilities. Providing experienced legal allies to handle the process on your hospital’s behalf, Bratton attempts to maximize collection from patients whose injuries were caused by a third party.

THA’s value in our partnership comes with our own experience working alongside the Bratton Firm.

During this past legislative session, the Bratton Firm collaborated closely with THA. THA relied on Bratton’s counsel during the legislative process, while working on potential hospital lien legislation. The effort exemplified their adroit knowledge and legal acumen as well as their tenacity in the legal environment.

THA recognizes The Bratton Firm as top legal counsel to ensure swift and full recovery on medical liens, making the firm one of a select few officially endorsed by THA to protect and advocate for our member hospitals.

It is without hesitation that I recommend The Bratton Firm Subrogation Services for our members.

Ted Shaw,
Chaiman, THA HealthShare

TORCH Management Services, Inc.

We’re writing to recommend The Bratton Firm Subrogation Services, a turnkey, third-party hospital lien and subrogation recovery vendor, as the sole hospital lien and subrogation vendor that TORCH Management Services, Inc. (TMSI) endorses for our members.

With the constant changes in healthcare laws, we want to make sure our hospitals are protected by utilizing the help of an accomplished legal professional. We believe that that The Bratton Firm is honest, well-respected and focuses on their goals to achieve top results. R. Louis Bratton assisted in writing the law on healthcare subrogation that went into effect in Texas in 2014, and he continues to pave the way for hospital lien and health plan subrogation.

Mr. Bratton is a Board-Certified Attorney who will identify, investigate and prosecute claims from the beginning through the end of the case, with one of the most competitive rates around.

John Henderson

President and CEO

Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals (TORCH)

Testimony from the Director of Seton Health Plan

“We always thought there were more recoverable losses, but we had no idea it was possible to be so successful by tracking down such a high volume of subrogation claims. The Bratton Firm far exceeded our expectations.”



We have a risk-free contingency fee financial arrangement that is at or below market rate. We charge on a contingency fee basis so your company holds no risk. We have increased recoveries for every client we have worked with over their prior vendors.

When you’re ready for a legally recognized subrogation professional to improve your business, give us a call (512) 477-8772.


The Bratton Firm Subrogation Services is the only vendor endorsed by the Texas Hospital
Association to pursue hospital liens and healthcare subrogation claims.